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Meat from One23 Farm

For the 2018 Season we will be offering whole and half lambs with custom meat processing! Half lambs will be a limited quantity, and we will also have a limited amount of individual cuts. Buy a whole or half lamb and save money while making your own custom butchering selections!

Lamb Prices

--Whole Lamb: $267 estimated TOTAL cost to you
+$4.50/pound hanging weight you pay to us, the farmers
+$65 processing fee* you pay to the processor
+You get about 32-35 pounds of meat including leg of lamb, chops, roasts, loin, ribs, ground (organs and skin if you want them)
+Includes delivery of lamb to processor

--Half Lamb: $140
+About 16-18 pounds of meat including leg of lamb, chops, roasts, loin, ribs, ground (organs and skin if you want)
+Includes delivery of lamb to processor & processing

$50 deposit for either a whole or half lamb.

You buy the lamb from us and we haul to the processor for you! 

We expect our March lambs to be ready for processing September-November this year. Lambs will be processed at Lake Haven Meats in Sturgeon Lake, MN. Please see their website for more information about the different cuts they offer!

To reserve a whole or half lamb, there is a $50 deposit, refundable only in the unlikely event that we are unable to provide you with the meat you reserved. 


Forested, Pastured Pork!

Whole hog: About $480 total cost to you for about 144 pounds
+ $0.55 per pound hanging weight you pay to the meat processor
+ $2.00 per pound hanging weight you pay to us, your farmers
+ Extra costs for seasonings and other customization options you can work out with the butcher! 
+We deliver your hog to the processor, you pick up the meat OR arrange for us to deliver to you if possible
+$50 deposit due at time of order. Payment plan possible.

Please contact us via email, phone, or the form submission to reserve your meat!

How do we raise our lambs?

Early in life, our lambs have access to a limited amount of whole oats that they eat right alongside their mothers to help with the extra energy demands of lactation, as well as locally sourced hay. These whole oats are fed for 30-45 days depending on the nutrition needs of the ewe. So our lambs are more than 99% grass-fed!
When the fields are greened up and ready for grazing, usually the last week of May or first week of June, the lambs and ewes are let out onto the fresh spring grass. Our lambs are then fed and finished on 100% grass and pasture forage! We use portable fences to rotate them around the farm.

We do not dock tails.

We do not wean before the lambs are 60 days of age, unless their mother is unable to care for them. We use bands to castrate ram lambs within the first 3 days of life, which is the most humane timing for the practice. Our animals are raised using ethical and humane practices- that is our main focus!


*Processing fees are set by Lake Haven Meats and subject to change.